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The Newport Car Museum opened in mid-2017 in a former missile manufacturing facility situated on seven acres of land in Portsmouth, R.I. Since, it has won numerous awards and the favor of large audiences typically reserved for museums with longer histories. Recently, Hemmings Motor News – the car collector’s Bible – called it “a notable addition to the classic-car world.”

The private collection of some 90+ automobiles at the Newport Car Museum focuses on eight decades of modern industrial automotive design and celebrates cars as works of art. From the 1950s to the present, separate galleries of Ford/Shelby Cars, Corvettes, World Cars, Fin Cars and Mopars and American Muscle: “Then & Now” have been carefully curated to appeal not just to grandfathers, fathers and teenage sons but to men and women of all ages.

They reflect a time when artists who likely would have been the great sculptors in the Renaissance Age became stylists, designers and industrial engineers for the Big Three American auto manufacturers and leading European companies such as Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and BMW, perhaps enjoying more creative freedom than will ever be experienced by their counterparts today.

There is something educational and inspirational to be gained by all who immerse themselves in the wonder, history, design and beauty of these vehicles as well as the eclectic Mid-Century furnishings that echo the personality of these eras and further enhance the modern design experience at the Newport Car Museum.

We're excited to be able to host our next sale on the grounds of the Newport Car Museum

Live Music Friday Night By
Scott Brown and the Diplomats


Scott Brown and the Diplomats is an offshoot of a band formed in New Zealand and recently headed by former US Senator and former US Ambassador Scott Brown. The last event by the band was in Wellington New Zealand in front of 15,000 fans  at Beervanna at Sky Stadium. Playing together for almost 4 years, the band compiled an impressive list

of venues and paid appearances. Upon returning from duty in New Zealand, Brown sought out some of the most talented area musicians to reform the band into Scott Brown and the Diplomats.
This talented, rockin' group of musicians have played with some of New England’s best talent and bands.

Their great selection of hits that people have grown up with and enjoyed listening and dancing to is legendary

in New Zealand and will be the same in the USA.

Interested in being a sponsor and joining the next generation of car auction events?

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